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October 17, 2018

From the Mekong River to Austria, Germany & UK!

Hello friends, and Happy Fall! I hope those of you who are in Canada enjoyed a lovely Thanksgiving. We celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving and my birthday in SE Asia as we crossed from Vietnam into Cambodia via the Mekong River.

Next up, we perform locally in Brampton, Ontario followed by a show in Etobicoke. Then, Ben, Josh and I head to Europe as a family trio. We’re super excited to debut at Vienna’s Porgy & Bess, ringing in Ben’s Birthday in the very city where his father was born and raised. From there, we go to Herford’s Schiller Bar & Lounge and the Leverkusener Jazz Festival in Germany, putting a bow on our tour at the London Jazz Festival’s Opening Gala Jazz Voice on Nov 16 and The Pheasantry Nov 17.

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